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This Website is specifically designed for physicians interested in becoming confident and independent in skin cancer detection and management, using reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM).

Available lectures are held by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani, Prof. Caterina Longo, Dr. Martina Ulrich and Dott. Marco Ardigo, leading experts in RCM.

As an addition to the expert training, you can find digital versions of all lectures on this site. Furthermore, satisfaction of learning objectives will be awarded with CME points (under development).


This is a preliminary version of the site, which will be soon updated with further content.

The aim of this training platform is to develop specific competencies in using the latest RCM diagnostic technology:

- To confidently recognise the main RCM aspects of skin cancer

- To interpret the patterns of a lesion in the context of patient and clinical situation

- To learn a systematic and effective patient-tailored approach and management

- To develop high level proficiency in differenciating melanocytic from non-melanocytic skin lesions, and malignant from benign skin lesions

- To achieve early diagnosis of melanoma and other skin malignancies